“Reading FREE TO BE helped me slowly untangle all the false stories I’d been telling myself for years, so that I could truly rewrite my narrative in a way that feels true to me. So often, I bail out on self-help books before I ever make it to the payoff. But this process spoke to my soul’s desire to live my life authentically, wholly and full of play.”
- Darrah Maclean

Brand Storyteller

“An illuminating guide to soulful insight, clarity and purpose!”
- Gregory S Williams


“In German we say, “das Ziel ist der Weg.” It translates to, “the goal is the journey.” And I am thankful to Shirin for taking me on this journey … her journey. I’m grateful for the clarity, the process and the pragmatism. Whether you have faced a setback or are looking for a way to reset, Shirin’s process and weekly exercises are essential tools to help achieve a whole life.”
- Traci Möller

Content Strategist

“What a great book for creating a support system to a more mindful life. The vulnerability that Shirin brings as she shares her own experience is the bedrock of the book, lending a safe and supportive air to the reader’s journey. The exercises can be deeply introspective, or playful, and are sometimes both at once…with something for everyone.”
- Regina Buckley

President, Guardian News & Media (US)

“Shirin offers a fresh, actionable way of thinking about spiritual wellness and has created a playbook for finding your True North.”
- Amy Parker

Chief Executive

“I never gave my soul a second thought until I read this book. Within the first week of following the exercises I started disconnecting from my stressful screens and reconnecting with the joy and wonder of daily life.”
- Gina Pell

Content Chief, The What List

FREE TO BE offers clear and simple guidance yet deep and thorough explanations of the fundamental principles of living in spiritual awareness. Shirin helps us cleanse our mind, tap into and heal our hearts, speak our truth, see how we easily separate ourselves from the All That Is, and gives us tools for realigning our thoughts, finding our magic, by reclaiming our soul to once again live in oneness with Creation.

FREE TO BE allowed me a new perspective on life, a new outlook on my relationships with others, and most importantly, the relationship with me! Focusing on my authenticity and listening to my intuition while honoring self-care. Shirin showed me that the light within is always with you, that forgiveness is always an option, that not everyone belongs to your tribe, and that you truly can move through and transform any negative experience into a life lesson learned.

Shirin – thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Thank you for showing me a path that is much more enjoyable to take as I make my way on my journey while I reclaim my soul. Merci and I love you.”

- Shirin Gonili

Activist & Philanthropist